How do we proceed? We develop your web application and/or mobile apps in the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Analysis & Consultation Design (Free*)
First we map out your wishes and requirements together with you. We then translate your ideas into a Functional Design. This design describes in detail what the application will do. In addition sample screens are created (mock-ups) so that you get an idea of ​​what the application will look like in reality.* If you decide to no longer proceed to the next phase, the costs made will not be charged. If you decide to have the application built, the costs are included in the budget for the construction of the application.

Step 2: Final proposal
In this phase an estimate is made of the costs for the development of the application and the planning is made of delivery. If you agree and give us a final Go on the development of the application, we conclude this phase with a signed contract and proceed to the next phase.

Step 3: Development & Delivery first version of the Application
In this phase we build a first version of the Application as soon as possible and present it to you. This gives you the opportunity to offer us possible new insights and to make adjustments if necessary. In this phase you can follow the process of construction.

Step 4: Test phase
Every week certain parts of the Application are delivered, which you can view, test and comment on. We will take your comments into the further construction of the Application. In the final phase an overall test is carried out on based on a test plan.

Step 5: Delivery completed Application
After everything has been tested, the Application is officially delivered. This completes the construction of the application.

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